What Is It?

GTOMachine lets you browse thousands of post flop situations in seconds. Every flop, turn and river is accessible instantly. The app is all in the browser so you can access solutions from your computer or phone. Instead of having to spend most of your time setting up sims and worrying about the correct sizes and ranges to use, you can just log-in and start studying.

Browse Hundreds of Flops in Seconds

Quickly Find Patterns In Optimal Play

With the amount of mixed strategies and the sheer size of the game, studying GTO can be very overwhelming. Many players end up getting overwhelmed and quit studying GTO poker when they realize how impossible it is to memorize the strategies.

With GTOMachine, instead of trying to memorize strategies for specific flops, you can filter flops in various ways than click through them to find common patterns. For example you can type in "KQ" to get every KQx board. Does the strategy significantly change on a KQ9 board instead of a KQ5 board? Should you use bigger or smaller bet sizing's when a flush draw is possible? On GTO Machine you can answer that in a couple of seconds. This makes studying a lot more fun and efficient.

Quiz Yourself and Track Your Progress Over Time

With the app you can take an auto-generated quiz on any node in the game tree. Every possible situation. Every flop, turn, and river. You have the option to test yourself. Being quizzed on a strategy gives you a chance to really think about the hands and strategies and get objective feedback on where you need to spend more time studying. The quiz results are stored and allow you see if your improving over time and what areas need work.

Access to GTO Pre-Flop Ranges Worth Thousands

The ranges used to solve the post-flop situations are being sold online for hundreds to thousands of dollars. (That's just for the pre-flop strategies!) With the app you get these pre-flop ranges for free.

Custom Range Viewer

The custom range viewer/creator lets you bring up images of your own pre-flop ranges extremely quickly and easily. Currently, most players save their ranges in a program such as Evernote or Google Docs. With the range viewer you can organize and view your pre-flop ranges in a better way.

With the the range viewer app, your able to create a grid of buttons for various ranges you want to save. Each button can be associated to an image or screenshot of your strats for a given situation. Once saved, clicking the button will bring up the associated image. This lets you quickly bring up multiple custom ranges without having to use a program like Evernote. The buttons can be drag and dropped to organize them in any way you want in the grid. There are multiple sections you can use to seperate different games or situations. The app is coded with speed in mind. So once you load an image in your browser, the browser should cache the image locally so that the next time you select it, it loads quickly.

GTOMachine, live poker solver

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