• GTOMachine - Basics

  • Basics

    1 - Type in the flop

    2 - Select the positions

    3 - Select a flop

    That's it! No setting up tree’s or waiting for sims to run.

    (Use the left panel to browse the solutions in real time.)

    GTOMachine, live poker solver simple example.
  • Change Appearance and Colors
    GTOMachine, live poker solver

    Click the gear icon while using the app to get the setting pop-up. Here you can change the appearance of the app. You can change the colors used to draw the strategies, appearance of the flop buttons, etc..

    Pro Tip

    You can quickly shrink the size of the navigation/flop buttons while increasing the size of the hand grid by holding "ctrl" and the "+" or "-" keys.

    GTOMachine, live poker solver
  • Change the way bets are displayed
    GTOMachine, live poker solver

    You can view bets in big blinds or as a % of the pot using this toggle box.

  • Toggle Hand Weights
    GTOMachine, live poker solver

    Click the icon to toggle drawing of hand weights. This lets you quickly see the range of the player your looking at. The weight tells you what % of the specific hand you have in your range. If you get to the flop with 50% of all possible TT combos... the box with TT in it will only be colored 50% of the way (vertically) to quickly represent this. Toggling this off lets you see the strategies easier for hands that have small weights.

  • Quiz App

  • Taking a Quiz
    GTOMachine, live poker solver

    Quiz yourself on any board or situation!

    To take a quiz, press the quiz icon. You will be shown 10 random hands and asked what action you would take with them on the current board and situation. At the end your results will be shown. Your quiz results will also be stored, allowing you to go back and see your past results. The goal is to let you see where your understanding of GTO play is good and where it needs work.

    Currently, only the dominant strategy counts as a correct response. A more precices grading option will be added soon.

    GTOMachine, live poker solver
  • Review Past Quiz Results

    Past quiz results are saved and can be seen at: GTOMachine.com/quizzes There you will be presented with a summary of past quiz results with the most recent ones taken at the top. Below is an example of the page:

    GTOMachine, live poker solver
  • Custom Range Viewer - Quick Pre-flop Browser

  • Intro
    GTOMachine, live poker solver

    Currently most players save their ranges in a program such as Evernote or Google Docs. The goal of this app is to provide a useful alternative. Clicking the “Custom Range Browser” Icon will bring up the app. You can also get to it by going directly to GTOMachine.com/pre.


    Your able to create a grid of buttons for various ranges you want to save. Each button can be associated to an image or screenshot of a range or several ranges. Once saved, clicking the button will bring up the associated screenshot of the range(s) you uploaded.

    This lets you quickly bring up multiple custom ranges without having to use a program like Evernote. The buttons can be drag and dropped to organize them in any way you want in the grid. There are multiple sections you can use to seperate different games or situations. The app is coded with speed in mind. So once you load an image in your browser, the browser should cache the image locally so that the next time you select it, it loads quickly.

    GTOMachine, live poker solver
  • Adding a Button/Range

    In editor mode hit the "+" icon in the section you want the button in.

    Clicking on the newly created button in the editor mode will bring up a screen that allows you to edit the button text and colors. Hit "Upload" to upload an image that will be connected to this button.

    Now when you click the button the image you uploaded will be displayed. You can upload images with multiple ranges in them to quickly see a couple of strategies with one click.

    GTOMachine, live poker solver
  • Organizing The Layout
    GTOMachine, live poker solver You can separate buttons by creating sections. Just hit the "Add Section" button to create a new one. You can than name it and add rows/columns to it.

    Add or Remove Rows and Columns

    GTOMachine, live poker solver To add or subtract a row or column hit the the corresponding buttons. This lets you customize a grid of buttons depending to be as big or small as you need.

    Moving Buttons

    To move a button hold "CTRL" while clicking on a button in the editor mode.